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Several people ask me “What site (or course) do you learned programming?”, the answer is clear, none.

I’m in a hurry when I want to learn something new, and I was an objecting in my mind when I was 13 years old, build a complex Google Chrome extension, which several people could use, so I started to build the DescicloApp, an Google Chrome extension to the Uncyclopedia portuguese version, aiming to facilitate the article creation, in its first version was nothing than a basic links, but you need to start with a simple thing if you want to create something big.



I build it in a little more than one week, before it I did build Google Chrome themes and other simple extensions, so I knew the Chrome extension structure, I never really liked Hello Worlds (most simple thing to do with something in programming), so I saw the Pixlr extension style and liked it (apparently the extension that I use isn’t in the Web Store anymore), then I found a way to copy it’s source code and started to remove any code that I don’t want, I can say that I learn programming doing this in several projects, downloading a source code and removing anything that I don’t want, remaining just what I need, but always verifying if still working, if not it’s just use the old friend CTRL+Z (when I gave programming tips for someone I usually say that the ; (semicolon) is the greatest enemy of them hahaha)

After I have only what I need from that project, I study the code and try to understand what do what, and from that time I start to research a lot, but a lot, I researched thing link “how to open links in new tab javascript”, for an experienced programmer it’s obvious, but for a beginner not, since when I study JavaScript at 13 years old, Java and PHP at 17 years old, and C# at 18 years old, I almost found someone that has my doubt, and it was there, at Google StackOverflow, it’s amazing the amount of code that I take from there, in the old days my projects was a kind of puzzle, which the pieces I took in several StackOverflow answers, but when you research the same thing a lot of times you end up memorizing (in my work I started to play with WordPress, and when I made this website I noticed that I already had memorized the main functions).

Was basically in that way that I learned programming, learning in that way requires a lot of free time, but from my 13 years old to my 18 years old I practically just go to the school, the rest was was free time that I used in Wikipedia to learn computing history and study programming (in my teenager I never be a fan of games, animes, series, etc, I just wanted to learn about computing).

When I was 19 years old I got my first job gaining an full programmer Brazilian salary although I think it was a little for what I know, but is accept or become unemployed hahaha and I’m very proud for what I do, until today I lose myself in Wikipedia reading about important people of computing, softwares and programming languages, and I try to pass my weekends (now I work and I do college, no free time) trying to do my own projects, or programming objectives, I learned and continue to learn in that way, have an objective, start, research, test, conclude, or if don’t know how to start, just copy open source thing and remove what you don’t want hahaha.

Of cource do it could be complex for some people, because it a recommend the Codecademy for them learning programming, I learned just Ruby there (which I don’t remember pratically anything becausa I learned but not used…), I liked that site and I saw everyone said the same.

In my CV was HTML and Java courses, but I started to learn years before, I can say that the HTML course I just learned how to create tables, and in the Java course I learned… nothing (because I already know all the content), I just do to have it in my CV, in courses I learned PHP and C#, that last I learned in a presencial course that I earn from the proper Microsoft (the test to earn was just answer question about its products and programming logic, the first I knew a lot thanks to the time in Wikipedia hahaha).

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